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Monday, January 10, 2011

Outdoor Fireplace Designs Can Be Wood-Burning, Gas and Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are a great option because depending on climate outdoor fires can be enjoyed all year long. Fireplaces can be made out of wood, metal, cement or clay with the proper materials. Wood burning fireplaces are designed with screen covers to help with sparking embers and reduce the possibility of injuries from contact with the fire. They are the most popular type. Cement and clay fireplaces have problems with heating. To eliminate this problem, synthetic materials may be built in on the inside.
Other materials include brick, which is long lasting and can be built into many shapes and sizes and never peels, fades or dents. Brick also conserves heat and is fire resistant. It has a high resale value. Cultured stone can also be used. It is durable and not easily weathered. Another material is natural stone, which has the same advantages as cultured stone. Ledge stone is a material that consists of varied roughly shaped stone. River rocks on the other hand are small, rounded stones of varied shapes and colors. They are attractive and durable. Finally, stucco is also suitable for this purpose. 
Outdoor fire place options include portable fireplaces. These are ideal for places for the winter season as they can be kept away in a safe place during this season. Another option is the patio fire pit. These can either be built in or moveable. Built in fire places have issues with water and may store pools of water during the rainy season. A type of fireplace found in the regions of the southwest desert is referred to as chimineas. These large clay pots are shaped like a raindrop and usually rest on a stand. They can be cracked by intense heat and are mostly used for decorative purposes.
The outdoor gas fireplace is also an option. With these, there is no need to burn wood for fuel as they can be turned on and off. There are also outdoor fireplaces that are pre-built and can be assembled on site.
Custom gas fire pit with crushed black fire glass.

Custom fireplace with ventless gas fireplace.

Custom fire glass fire pit.
Two main types of fireplaces include custom masonry and standardized factory built fireboxes. Custom fireplaces are built with dense materials while fireboxes are built of lightweight metal. Custom fireplaces are strong and can survive for many years, but the problem with them is that their sizes are built by hand thus standardized doors, flue, screen and other fireplace accessories will need to be custom made to be added to the fireplace. On the other hand, a standard firebox will always be built with the accessories and ventilation designed to fit the fire place. Customization is modern, less time consuming, and labor intensive. It is also cheaper. Customization is thus more preferable. There are not many sizes of standardized fireboxes available to fit on the existing walls and mantles.
A fire place mantel shelf can either be the upper or lower part of the fireplace. It can be built in many styles, but a molded oak shelf is one of the most common and classic designs. Antique and stone materials can also be used to build mantels. Outdoor fireplaces should be built with consideration of adverse weather conditions, thus the durability of the materials to be used is important.