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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ventless gas fireplace alternatives to ceramic gas logs

Ventless gas fireplace alternative fire balls.

Ventless gas logs have the benefit of installation without a chimney and with little to no ventilation.  Gas logs are so much more popular than wood burning fireplaces because a gas fireplaces is very simple to light, flames are adjustable and remote controlled, gas logs burn very clean and can be controlled with a manual switch, wall switch and hand-held remote control for flame adjustment, timer and a thermostat.  Vent-free gas logs have all the benefits of vented gas logs with much lower expense because venting is unnecessary.

Over the years vent-free gas logs have become more and more realistic in the quest to mimic wood burning logs and in recent years have left realism altogether.  Alternatives to ceramic gas logs are gaining popularity in contemporary homes with a modern decor.  Gas log fireplaces with reflective glass fire-glitter, various colors of fire shapes, river rocks and fire balls are available with vented and ventless gas fireplace burners.

Fire balls are available with geometric stacking and fire balls are available in different sizes and colors for asymmetrical fireplace designs.  While dark grey, black and brown are the most popular fire balls are also available in red, light grey, light brown, beige and a very light grey that is almost white.

The ventless gas fireplace burner has small circles cut out of the black or stainless steel burner pan to hold each fireball steady for stacking.  The spaces in between the fireballs expose the black or stainless pan and some homeowners have sprinkled highly reflective colored fire glass on the fireplace burner for added accent and sparkle.

A set of fireballs that are all 4" diameter can be stacked in a pyramid as can be larger and smaller fireballs all in one color or in a variety of colors.  Many homeowners refer to gas log fireballs as "cannon balls" because they resemble old cannon balls.

The unvented gas fireplaces displaying cannon balls with adjustable flames whipping through them are available in several sizes and with manual controls, remote controls, a thermostatic control and a wall switch for reliability, safety and convenience.

Unvented gas fireplace burners and gas log sets have evolved to mimic wood burning realism with startling clarity.  However the real cutting-edge in gas log aesthetics does not attempt to look like a traditional rustic fireplace at all.  New ventless gas fireplaces have more interesting designs with fire balls that look like cannon balls with gas flames liking through them.

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